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Regenerative Housing - emerging perspectives webinar series
Regenerative Housing - Emerging Perspectives Webinar Series
Event 1 - 23 Sept 2020 - Finding Refuge: <<< Complete >>>

Event 2 - 07 Oct 2020 - Restoring Community: <<< Complete >>>

Event 3 - 21 Oct 2020 - Cultivating Compassion: How to sow seeds of love and compassion through community and urban agriculture in housing.
- Nick Rose, Executive Director Sustain
- Rob Rees, CEO Cultivating Community
- Maree Mackenzie, CEO Homes North Community Housing
- Jean Darling, Commune and Co

Event 4 - 04 Nov 2020 - Restoring Ecosystems: How can housing work in harmony with nature and deliver multiple benefits along the way?
- Prof. Sarah Bekessy, RMIT
- Morag Gamble, Founder, Permaculture Education Institute
- Sophie Dyring, Director Schored Projects

Event 5 - 18 Nov 2020 - Decolonising our Futures: How can housing seek to imagine and enact the world differently?
- Louise Crabtree, Associate Professor University Western Sydney
- Margaret Pfoh, Aboriginal Housing Management Association
- Keith Gregory, Deadly Guardians

Event 6 - 02 Dec 2020 - Designing for Hope and Resilience: What next, how can our housing address issues we face?
- Wendy Hayhurst, CEO CHIA
- Warren Schmidt, Ryder Vancouver
- Prof. Elizabeth Grant, RMIT
- Dayne Davis, Managing Director, Timber Design Studio

All proceeds will be donated to the charity 'Cultivating Community'
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